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Take in the Cycladic perfection of the main town
Apollonia takes everything most authentic and classy about Sifnos and presents it with classic Cycladic grace. Little whitewashed alleyways, brightly coloured doors and window frames, bougainvillea and pots of geraniums … you get the idea. Built on three hillsides, it offers beautiful views over the Aegean Sea. You’ll love exploring but most of your attention will inevitably centre on the Steno (or Narrow, as it translates), the central walkway of shops, churches, bars and tavernas.

Trek from Kastro to the chapel of Eptamartyros
One visit to this conical hill, where you will find the walled medieval village of Kastro (Castle), will capture your imagination. Vaulted arches, mystical little chapels, stone cottages nestled behind ancient foundations. Take in the breathtaking view from the trail around the settlement towards the sea to the chapel of Eptamartyrou. Mariners love this point, as well as the port of Seralia that flourished under Frankish rule on Syros. There you can savour local delicacies in the quaint little ouzeries.

Explore the villages, famed for their architecture
The villages of Sifnos are built in perfect harmony with each other and with the landscape. Apollonia, Artemonas, Agios Loukas, Exambelos, Katavati, Pano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Petali are dotted around the centre of Sifnos like electrons around a nucleus. This is where students come to learn the essentials of the architecture of the Cyclades islands first hand. During your holidays on Sifnos, you’ll never tire of walking around them with their cobblestone lanes and whitewashed stairways.

Discover the potter’s art on an island of craftsmen
Sifnos’ soil is famously fortified by clay, water and sun. Potters set up their workshops here centuries ago and their ceramics became famous throughout the Cyclades and Greece. You can visit the workshops, where traditional artisans still use the potter’s wheel, and Apollonia’s Folklore Museum to find out all about this unique art.

Enjoy the irresistible beauty of Vathi
From the hill above the seaside village of Vathi, the view is like an aerial photograph. The bay with its calm, deep blue water almost forms a complete circle. St Taxiarchis, a church built in the 16th century, sits on the dock, a landmark at the edge of the beach. This picturesque port, with its sandy beach and seafood restaurants, is guaranteed to charm you.

Find your perfect cocktail spot in Apollonia
The main town of Sifnos is a one-way road by night. So your perfect day will likely end taking an even stroll through the narrow streets, teeming with restaurants, cafes, chapels, boutiques and stone dwellings with beautiful patios. It’s an ideal setting for sipping cocktails!

Start the day with a visit to Chrysopigi Monastery
And by day, the magic starts all over again. The sun rises behind the bell tower of Chrysopigi Monastery, painting everything in resplendent shades of pink and orange. The 17th-century monastery of Sifnos, built on a craggy rock, is the most important pilgrimage site on the island.