Sifnos is an island in the Western Cyclades. It is an authentic and fertile island with a rich history and a well noticed respect to nature and architecture. It does not take long after you arrive on the island to feel the beauty surrounding you. If you are a hiking fan do not miss to explore the island through its well signaled paths. Grab the chance to wander around the 100 km of trails. Swim in secluded bays or discover neighbouring islands by taking a boat excursion. Swimming is a unique experience in Sifnos. You can enjoy snorkelling, canoeing, diving in crystal clear waters. Another way to get to know Sifnos tradition is by spending some time with a local artisan and make your own ceramic in a pottery workshop. Sifnos has a long tradition since 3000 BC in pottery!


Till today, 55 towers have been found dating from 6th to the 3rd century B.C. that you can visit through the numerous paths. Sifnos has a long history in ceramics, cooking and monasteries. There are about 365 churches and monasteries on the island and the best way to discover the local culture and gastronomy is by taking part in feasts which are celebrated all year round. During tourist season we suggest you the Assumption in Chryssopigi in June, Profitis Elias feast on 19/07, the feast of Panagia in many churches on 14/08, Aghios Ioannis on 28/08, Agios Simeon on 31/08 and many others.

Local Products

You can buy local honey, ceramics, manoura cheese or caper. Tselementes, the most famous Greek chef was born on Sifnos and has left a big cooking heritage to the Sifnians. Every restaurant has a secret of tradition to reveal to all visitors. And of course, the best place to organize your wedding is Sifnos which has become one of the top destinations for couples from all over the world. We can help organize the most beautiful event of your life, from the church to the wedding reception.


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