Sifnos is the ideal island for those who like walking. The fans of walking will have the chance to follow many alternative paths. Get a map of the paths from the island’s stores and start exploring the island or if you need a guide, contact the travel agencies of the island to get information on how to participate in the organized walks that take place!

Water Sports

Sifnos has some of the most beautiful beaches of Cyclades. Its beaches are either peaceful and they offer the possibility to swim peacefully to the people who prefer to experience this unique pleasure, or cosmopolitan for unforgettable moments. The walkers can also walk their way to the beach, by visiting some beaches that can be approached only through paths and by boat, combining swimming and walking!

At the beaches of Platis Gialos and Vathy, there are rental agencies for canoe and other water sports.

Party cruise

A distinctive vibe for your event! An ideal, outside-the-box experience for weddings, celebrations, birthdays, parties, reunions and more! Together with your skipper, plan a cruise, tailor-made to your wishes! A cruise that you, and your guests, will remember forever!

Night life in Sifnos

In Sifnos, the night has its own identity. Lounge café-bars for pleasant evenings harmoniously combined with Clubs with loud bits for wild fun till morning. Enjoy your drink in a relaxed atmosphere at the beach of Platis Gialos, Faros, Vathy, or Kamares or choose the unique atmosphere of the café-bars in Kastro and Artemonas. In contrary, choose Apollonia for a lively and merry evening, with loud music, lots of up and down walking and end your night in one of the clubs of the island that are open till the early morning hours.

Pottery art

Sifnos is the bulwark of development and diffusion of pottery in Cyclades. The first samples of the art of pottery are dated from the Protocycladic period (statuettes, decorative and handy articles) and from back then till today this art continues. The abundance of raw materials in Sifnos (deposits of potter’s clay, abundant waters, strong sunshine), as well as the dexterous hands of the artisans have helped in the development of this art.


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